Preparing Your Pool for Summer


At last the chilly, frigid days of winter are gone and it’s time to start moving and exercising again! The kids are excited to play in the warm weather, and the feeling is contagious – you’ve been staring at your covered pool for six months just waiting for the opportunity to uncover it and dive right in. Hold on before you refill it with water, though – now is the perfect time to make sure your pool is in top working order for the rest of the season and even to next winter! So before you plan your first poolside barbecue, follow these simple tips to help get your pool ready for the warm weather.


To start, uncover your pool – if you’re got any debris like leaves or grass, be sure to rake or sweep them off to save your pool filters the added stress. If any falls into the water, use your net to scrape them off the surface (if there’s any water remaining) or sweep the bottom of your empty pool before anything else.


After sweeping, use a careful eye and check to see if there are any cracks or leaks in the surface of your pool. Not only will cracks mean having to spend more money trying to keep your pool filled and at the right chemical content, those cracks will mean bad news come the next winter – in the cold, the water will expand as it turns to ice, widening any cracks and ultimately making pool repairs more expensive. If you find a crack or leak, be sure to contact a pool contractor and get those fixed right away.


Once the pool is cleaned and repaired, it’s time to fill the pool with water. Once the water level has reached, be sure to check your test filters and pumps to make sure they are still working after the winter. Don’t jump in right away, however – you never know what has clung to the sides and bottom of your pool over the winter. Let your pool circulate for about a day before adding the shock treatment and chlorine, and follow the directions of the chemicals to get the right pH level – you should be aiming between 7.4 and 7.6 on the pH scale. Once the water is right, scrub the sides and bottom of the pool again as best you can with the right water level and wait another day before testing the pH level again. Adjust it with chlorine to get the perfect level – it’ll keep all sorts of bacteria and critters from living in the water.


Once the pool is clean, the water is the right pH balance, and all the pumps and filters work, your pool is ready. Jump in and get ready for a fun summer!